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EQA via its Hope Spring teams in Yemen is able to access, acquire, manage and update a large database of aid recipients in several governorates in Yemen.

Hope Spring was formed by English Quill & Associates to facilitate the development of infrastructure projects in war-torn Yemen. This division has its own skilled workers based in Yemen and is able to facilitate humanitarian projects for NGOs and other groups. It focuses on helping deliver humanitarian aid to victims of war in Yemen. The name Hope Spring was chosen by EQA’s Yemeni team to reflect the people of Yemen’s hope in rebuilding their country. Collaborating with NGOs, EQA facilitates this objective by managing events and coordinating the deployment of skilled workers to build water wells, installation of solar panels, etc and procurement of relevant relief supplies and material either within Yemen or her neighboring countries.

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What We Do

Water Wells

This project focuses on building wells to provide clean water for villages that lack the basic human right to clean water.

Water wells are then used for drinking water, to perform ablutions and to water livestock. These water wells depending on their size serve between 30 - 100 homes.

Medical Aid

This project is geared towards providing medical aid for injured Muslims in Yemen such as wheelchairs, medicines, and critical treatment surgical fees. Aid is not only a difficult thing to find in war-torn regions such as Yemen, but it is often much more expensive due to the costs involved getting it on site.

Donations go a long way towards easing the suffering of those that are unfortunate enough to get caught up and become a casualty of this humanitarian crisis.


This project focuses on setting up orphanages to house and take care of children who do not have anyone to take care of them. Due to the casualties and collateral damage of war, many families have lost their primary caregivers. Children are hit the hardest as they cannot fend for themselves.

Setting up an orphanage requires a lot of resources, and only by pooling together our contributions can we succeed in giving these children a home.

Qurban & Aqeeqah

This project helped feed thousands of impoverished destitute victims in desperate need of food. During times of crisis, such as the one occurring in Yemen as a result of war, those left alive to fend for themselves often become malnourished and are without any food for either themselves or their families.

We strive with our local teams to distribute food and basic necessities like cooking supplies, rice, and meats, so that the victims of war may have some food to eat.


Due to the ongoing conflicts, currently more than two-thirds of Yemen’s population of 27 million faces famine and increased poverty, especially orphans who have lost their caregivers.

This coincides with rising prices and lack of official salaries and essential components of life such as food – housing – clothing - electricity - water - public services etc, which have forced families  to ask  their children to act as beggars or engage them in hard work that does not suit their level of childhood , drop them out of education and expose them to  homelessness.

The hardships are further emphasized as coalitions enforce block-aids on Yemen that make food and medical aid difficult to deliver.

EQA through its Hope Spring teams based in Yemen are able to access remote areas in several governates and implement infrastructure development and at the same time help source and distribute aid for our partners.

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Help rebuild Yemen's infrastructure that has been ravaged by war for so long. It is the worse humanitarian crisis the world has ever seen.