Our Causes

Klinik Amal Muhajir

Klinik Amal Muhajir is expected to serve thousands of registered refugees, displaced and asylum seekers concentrated in the town of Serdang Selangor Malaysia. Most of them are from war-torn countries such as Yemen, Palestine, Syria, and others.

Goal: $50,000

Emergency Food Relief For Refugees

Malaysia has been under stay at home order since 18th March 2020. Many refugees have started to go hungry as most are daily wage workers and are already living in poverty before the Covid19 pandemic. This year 2020, we are starting our Ramadan Food Aid to Yemeni refugees a little earlier as many families are already in dire need of food aid.

Goal: $10,000


As the world turned their faces away from Yemen 🇾🇪, Right now the few places safe enough to hold Friday prayers is in Yemen. Allahuakbar. They suffer from war, widespread starvation, and cholera outbreaks, and we have a real-life hellscape that’s hard to fathom. Your support is needed right now more than ever.

Goal: $10,000