Our Causes

Yemen Orphan Sponsorships

Due to the civil war in Yemen, countless children have been orphaned and many families have lost their primary breadwinner within their family. This has caused great hardship and they no longer have the ability to care for themselves and have no one else to turn to. These orphans and families need rental assistance, food aid, and sometimes even medical aid.

Yemen Food Aid

Yemen is currently undergoing one of the worse humanitarian crises in the world. Victims of the war that has been ongoing since 2014, lack basic food items such as rice, sugar, flour, and cooking oil. We are running an ongoing campaign to supply them with these essential items.

Klinik Amal Muhajir

Klinik Amal Muhajir is expected to serve thousands of registered refugees, displaced and asylum seekers concentrated in the town of Serdang Selangor Malaysia. Most of them are from war-torn countries such as Yemen, Palestine, Syria, and others.